Getting Passionate About Your industry – WOW!

Alex and I Are Passionate About Our Industry. We thought we'd share some of that with you in this post. It's something we volunteer for and a good example of how industry volunteerism is valuable for building your personal brand. Yes, we do heed our own advice :-) I'm Still on a High What am I high about? We're fresh from the south steps of the California's State Capitol Building in … [Read more...]

Get Out of the Salon and the Neighborhood

You’re a successful salon professional. Your regular clients think you’re terrific and you are very good at what you do. That’s great! But you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t know there was more to be done. Recall the adage, “Do what you always did, and you’ll get what you always got”? Getting ‘newsworthy’, locally, regionally or nationally, means you need to do extraordinary things. . . . activ … [Read more...]