Seize the PR Moment!

Cosmetology Leads Among Respected Professions. Those of you that chose the career of ‘cosmetology’ can hold your heads up even higher these days.  We know you have often had to endure annoying public opinion, comment, and yes … even sarcasm about having chosen to be a hairdresser. Well, now there's some solid career data to make a strong case for just how 'smart' a decision you made to those who … [Read more...]

How Do Your Clients See You?

Who You Were, or Who You Are? The fact that you are here means you’re probably thinking about your professional image  ... perhaps making it a bit stronger ... edgier ... more competitive. Some might only be seeking to freshen up their image to attract new clients ... and excite their existing ones. Of course there’s the X-treme make-over salon owner who wants to re-invent themselves with a rad … [Read more...]