How to Begin a Movement – ‘Passion’ and ‘Fun’ Sells

Why Have Over a Million People Watched This Video on YouTube? It was shot at the Sasquatch Music Festival this year.  Either you get it, or you don't.  Either you will do something with it … or you won't.  As always … the ball's in your court. If you don't get it ( or you get it, but don't do anything with it) … no problem, you'll be fine anyway. But, if you do get it, and really think about it … [Read more...]

New Features for BeautyPRpro

What Do You Think? You may not have noticed, but we added a feature to BeautyPRpro to make your visit to BeautyPRpro more convenient and for those of you with a blog, more Google productive for your own blog or web page. Bloggers, and those with websites especially take note - We also added the CommentLUV plug-in. Very good for those of you with your own blog. When you make a comment on a … [Read more...]

The PR Power of Blogging for Salons

I Never Really Understood Blogging Our industry community got a later start with computers in our businesses and lives.  That's not a criticism, just a fact.  It took our beauty industry sector longer than most others to adopt computers and use the internet as a daily part of salon/spa business and personal life.  I speculate that's because creative people are right-brained, and technology is not … [Read more...]

Show Yourself! – Get a ‘Gravatar’

Try it! It's fun. Sharon’s last post on how to make attending an industry event work harder for you and your business was important and well worth re-reading, but this post’s a little lighter. In today’s competitive world of garnering all the attention you can get, it’s not just the ‘big’ things you do that make a difference. Little innovations also ‘set you apart’. Here is a fun and easy thing yo … [Read more...]