Writing for BeautyWriting for Beauty is ‘Different’

Have you worked with writers who just . . . didn’t ‘get it’?  No surprise.

It’s not easy to find someone that knows every aspect of beauty … how clients think, the salon industry overall,  what a hair collection is all about . . . someone who understands salons, salon owners’ and stylists’ needs, product distribution, manufacturing, sales, marketing, (PR, advertising, direct, social media) Writing beauty is . . . well … unique.

We’re steeped in the beauty industry.  We’ve written for and represented many top stylists and salons, manufacturers & distributors, and even more young, talented individuals and salon businesses, then starting out, who now grace the pages of the magazines sitting in your client reception area.

We know how your clients think and what they need? We know what moves and motivates colorists and stylists. We know what appeals to beauty editors, writers and TV segment producers, and very importantly, what turns them off. 🙁 – Best of all, we know how to help motivate a staff in the process.

What We Need to Know Now About is . . . You!

The most important thing we have to do is discover who you are. What drives you? What do you care about? What motivates you? What is it about you (and your salon) that excites you, your clients, and your staff? Because everything they do reflects you!

If you need good writing, we can help with any of your beauty business needs:

  • Press releases
  • Trend and Collection releases
  • Personal bios
  • Salon bios
  • Corporate profiles
  • Brochures
  • Brochure copy
  • Ad copy
  • Press and Information Kit/Folio development

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