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Not familiar with how blogs work? Not finding what you need? Take a minute to read this page.

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The last 10 posts (articles) are shown in reverse chronological order. To get back to the home page from anywhere on the blogsite, click the BeautyPRPro logo, header picture or the ‘Home’ button at the top of the blog.

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The left selector at the post bottom takes you back.  The right takes you forward towards the top.


In the footer of every post you can click to add your comment.

Category Archives

Every article is assigned to one or more ‘category’. Want to see all the articles in a category? Click on the category name in the right sidebar and view all posts in that category in reverse chronological order.


To read comments made by other blog followers, or to add your own thoughts in a comment on a post . . .

  • Click on the post’s ‘headline’ to go to the single post page with all the comments directly below in reverse chronological order.

Note: You can comment/question on any older or archived articles and know that Sharon or I will be notified by email with a copy of your comment or question for a reply.

What Have We Missed?

If you have any questions, feedback or comments on this ‘How to’ page, please let us know.


Sharon Esche & Alex Irving

Sharon Esche & Alex Irving