Facebook: Beyond Friend-Ups, Chats, Photos and New Business Pitches


I love having found so many industry friends from over the years whom I get to see and speak with all too rarely during the busy industry events we attend.  I get to see your smiling (and occasionally silly photo) faces peering back at me from my Facebook dashboard and it makes me smile inside.  I feel closer to you because we are here … being silly, having fun together.

It’s not only my old friends of 25+ years I meet here.  I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many other new friends I might never have without our connection through Facebook.  Right Kathy Foster (in Washington, DC whose brief, fun chat on Facebook brightened me up one Thursday morning)?

Facebook is a huge party.  50 million in the U.S. … 175 million in total … all busily gathering numerous friends and joining loads of ‘groups’ that most never visit  beyond joining.  Big parties are fun for a while.  Lots of hellos and waves.  Lots of chats.  Lots of handshakes and smiles, drink in one hand and hors d‘ouevres in the other.  Within an hour or so though, my smiling muscles start to hurt and I’m out of handshakes.  I start looking for that smaller cluster where I can share in some real ‘conversation’.  I get to ask questions and listen to answers.  If I never get the chance for a more intimate experience at that big party and leave unconnected, I am unsatisfied.

conversationI tell you all this because I love conversation.  I love opinions.  I am eager to know more about you.  What do you think and feel about things?  What do you know that I don’t know?  I need to learn from you.  That’s why I love blogging, reading feedback, and reading the writings of smart people who know so much more than I do on some topic.

So after I’ve checked my mail, scanned my news stream, made comments on new and old friends’ walls, and posted a few new photos of my Grandson, I head out to find my ‘conversations’.  I think I’ll head over to the “I love NY” discussion now to ask Carlo Iacullo from Italy why he loves NY so much.

I also want to find out more from Damiano Guardino what he means when he says, I have given back to some of my clients that are in need but what about the ones that are not in need?  What do we do about them?  As a salon owner in New York we will be affected !!” Curious … maybe I have something to offer Damiano.

I cannot wait to read the next 40+ answers to the question in the Salon & Spa Business Forum, “Who do you think is the most supportive professional product company in our industry?”  Great answers and great reasons so far.

The active groups are the truly satisfying part of my daily Facebook journey.  Boy, am I glad you’re up for a conversation.

My question is  …  How many groups did you join that now sit occupying space on your ‘Info’ page unvisited?  How many is it?  Do you still want to keep them?  Probably not.

Yeah, clean house and find the great conversations.

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  1. dee levin says

    Hi Sharon:

    will you be my friend . I am on facebook, new at it, but I am there. I will look for you.

    Hope all is well.


  2. I would be honored Dee. We’ll spend some phone time together and I’ll share some experience with Facebook with you.


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