Don’t Neglect Great Opportunities to Get Good PR

All It Takes is an Hour or Two Our whole raison d'etre here at BeautyPRpro is to share information and ideas to help you "get good at getting press". Our job includes covering your back and bringing your attention back to remember those all-important fundamentals while you are distracted working on your local and national consumer press to fill those salon or spa chairs with paying clients. Yes, … [Read more...]

HAIRCARE Live to Give – Damn Newsworthy!

Help for the Unemployed is News - Catch the Wave! Maybe you should think about catching this wave. With unemployment a daily headline, human interest stories about people helping people who have lost jobs are sure-fire regional and local TV, print and internet news coverage. Industry icon and former Vidal Sassoon Artistic Director Maurice Tidy and friend Gina Caruso recently launched their … [Read more...]

Getting Passionate About Your industry – WOW!

Alex and I Are Passionate About Our Industry. We thought we'd share some of that with you in this post. It's something we volunteer for and a good example of how industry volunteerism is valuable for building your personal brand. Yes, we do heed our own advice :-) I'm Still on a High What am I high about? We're fresh from the south steps of the California's State Capitol Building in … [Read more...]

Facebook: Beyond Friend-Ups, Chats, Photos and New Business Pitches

I love having found so many industry friends from over the years whom I get to see and speak with all too rarely during the busy industry events we attend.  I get to see your smiling (and occasionally silly photo) faces peering back at me from my Facebook dashboard and it makes me smile inside.  I feel closer to you because we are here ... being silly, having fun together. It's not only my old … [Read more...]

Beauty PR Opportunities Galore this Weekend

We'll See you There. If you're within reach of getting to the 2009 International Salon & Spa Expo in Long Beach, CA this weekend (Jan 31-Feb 2), we strongly suggest you get a move on and get there.  ISSE is a golden opportunity to gather up great PR material and opportunities for you, and your salon/spa. But before you pack and go, read Sharon's top 10 PR suggestions for getting the most … [Read more...]

Seeing A Beauty Industry Event Through The Eyes Of A Beauty PR Pro

Beauty PR professionals attend industry events ‘differently’. It's how we maximize the 'show' experience for our clients. With a few suggestions, you too can make every industry event work toward your PR success. The beauty show season is underway early this season, kicked off by the International Haircolor Exchange (IHE) in Anaheim this coming weekend (Nov 9-10). How can you turn an event … [Read more...]

Digital Photos for Salon PR – Ready for Prime-Time?

Photos are Everything for Salon PR If you are headed for an industry show here are a few photo tips for getting good editorial shots with your digital snapshot camera. Occasionally, we (or the magazines) get emails with photos that are simply too pixel-lean ... too small.  They look fine on a computer screen at 72-100 pixels per inch (ppi) but that is at most a 3" wide print and it’s fuzzy, … [Read more...]

PR Opportunities at The International Haircolor Exchange (IHE)

Opportunity Knocks If you are serious about moving your PR efforts ahead, in our recent post (Get Out of the Salon . . .  And the Neighborhood), we recommended several unique event activities to expand your personal universe and give you some great material for local media. Well, the International Haircolor Exchange is coming right up on November 9-10 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, … [Read more...]

Get Out of the Salon and the Neighborhood

You’re a successful salon professional. Your regular clients think you’re terrific and you are very good at what you do. That’s great! But you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t know there was more to be done. Recall the adage, “Do what you always did, and you’ll get what you always got”? Getting ‘newsworthy’, locally, regionally or nationally, means you need to do extraordinary things. . . . … [Read more...]