Cutting Expenses in a Crazy Economy? “Don’t Cut Your PR!” Say Beauty Experts

As a 'beauty PR pro', I pray that businesses in the beauty industry don't cut down on public relations when cutting down on expenses in this crazy economy. Imagine my ABSOLUTE DELIGHT to hear three top beauty professionals in the last couple of weeks literally answer my prayers (looks like I won't have to quit my day job after all <g>).  What are they saying? "Whatever you do, don't cut … [Read more...]

Newsworthy ‘Added Value’ for Your Clients – the Total ‘Look’

Here's an example of creativity from a really 'style smart' blogsite that ... Doesn't cost you a dime. Helps your clients get a total 'look'. Develops a relationship with surrounding fashion- oriented boutiques you think would make good promotional partners AND Gives you something to crow about in the local media. What if you were to build relationships with … [Read more...]

‘Real’ Networking: Your New BFF in a Bad Economy

As a salon owner or independent contractor you grow your salon or spa business by bringing new clients into your fold.  Local personal networking is a powerful tool to do that ... if you do it right! Networking Has To Be 'Real' To Be Right! OK, I admit it.  Even though I'm a publicist, I've never been big on networking gatherings and cool, chic mix-and-mingling events (all right ... I hate … [Read more...]

Two Killer Salon PR Ideas for Under $100

Motivate Your Staff Beyond Belief and Generate Great PR in the Process I have TWO HUGE IDEAS to recommend to start the New Year off right for you and your staff: Enter Your Salon Team into NAHA '09!  (Note Deadline To Enter: Feb 2nd) Show Your Staff 'I'm Not Just a Hairdresser', the 4-part Video Series from Vivienne Mackinder. Take it from us, these two steps you can take right now for … [Read more...]

The VIP Card – A Media Attention-Getter

What's a VIP Card? Looking and feeling like a credit card, a VIP card is a 'flexible' discount device for salon or spa services and/or product purchases.  Although you will think of many other uses, our focus in this post is on how you can use it to garner more local media awareness . . . without looking moochy. Although VIP cards work well in any economic climate, no one is immune to a value. … [Read more...]

Good PR in a Bad Economy

Catch the Wave PR-savvy salon and spa owners are ‘surfers’ . . . they are always looking for the next good PR ‘wave’. Well what are the first things companies look to cut when the economy hiccups - PR and advertising of course. It’s traditional! But, that’s good news for you!  Slowing economies are ripe with opportunity for ‘pr-creative’ smaller businesses. Think about it. Competition … [Read more...]

Seeing A Beauty Industry Event Through The Eyes Of A Beauty PR Pro

Beauty PR professionals attend industry events ‘differently’. It's how we maximize the 'show' experience for our clients. With a few suggestions, you too can make every industry event work toward your PR success. The beauty show season is underway early this season, kicked off by the International Haircolor Exchange (IHE) in Anaheim this coming weekend (Nov 9-10). How can you turn an event … [Read more...]

Holiday Events Mean More PR

There is no time like the holidays . . . . . . to light up the festive spirit in your salon or spa for clients and staff . . . and the media! Motivating For The Clients! Motivating For Your Staff! Motivating For The Media! And with holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to think about some fun and festive in-salon events that may also enhance your chances of getting some local … [Read more...]

How Do Your Clients See You?

Who You Were, or Who You Are? The fact that you are here means you’re probably thinking about your professional image  ... perhaps making it a bit stronger ... edgier ... more competitive. Some might only be seeking to freshen up their image to attract new clients ... and excite their existing ones. Of course there’s the X-treme make-over salon owner who wants to re-invent themselves with a … [Read more...]

BeautyPRpro – It’s All About You!

The debut of our BeautyPRpro blog . . . . . . means everything to us! Why? Because you mean everything to us!. So many of you in the salon/spa industry we have known over the years have asked us to write a book, do more classes and do more PR Power workshops for salon owners, managers and staff pros during the year. Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in the day and until we thought of … [Read more...]