About Us

About Us and BeautyPRpro

Getting PR is a bit like doing magic. We’re all amazed when we see a magician do a trick, but when you know the trick’s secret, you too can do the same thing given the knowledge, some practice, and the right tools.

That’s what BeautyPRpro is all about. It’s a place where we share the tips, tricks and truths we know with you, and where you share with all of us.

We’ve met many talented salon pros over our years in the industry. We’ve never met a single one that didn’t want more good publicity.  BeautyPRpro is where you’ll find thoughts, information, ideas, tips, resources and advice to salon and spa owners on how to grow your public persona and build your salon/spa business using effective public relations.

YOU Become the Beauty PR Pro

Our job here is to show you how to get there and give you the information and tools you need. It’s the next best thing to having your own PR agency – See PR a a la Carte.

Power Up Your PR Power!

Here is where you get a regular dose of valuable PR experience, strategies, tips and tools from two of the best in the industry; Proven ideas, advice and strategies ready-to-use right now.  Big salon or small, independent contractor or salon group, brand new, or well-established, it’s always true . . . activate your salon and spa PR with fresh ideas and strategies to make you and your salon/spa newsworthy. BeautyPRpro is a powerful tool you can use to motivate your current clients, attract new ones and grow your image within your own industry and into the consumer world.

About Sharon & Alex

Sharon and Alex have ‘specialized’ in the beauty industry for many years with their own PR agency, Esche & Alexander PR. Through their interactive roll-up-your-sleeves PR Power Workshop Series, regular client work, and lots of industry pro-bono efforts, they are nationally known and respected for helping advance careers, building images, and attracting national attention to many salon and spa businesses, their owners, and many manufacturers and distributors as well (our clients).

Leaving New York City after many years, Sharon and Alex are now happily tucked away in sunny north county San Diego, hopping planes as required, madly in love, and having a wonderful time combining their skills and talents for their clients.

These two love sharing their knowledge and resources to help talented industry professionals become more newsworthy, more visible, and more credible magnets for new clients, the media and their industry peers.

More About Sharon

Writing and story-telling are a couple of Sharon’s greatest passions and skills. She has co-authored two beauty books. One with salon owner and haircolor specialist Louis Licari (Putnam Publishers) and another with salon owner and hair stylist Charles Booth (Macmillan Publishers). She is currently working on a third book (and this blog of course). With her background, few PR strategists know the world of hair color like Sharon. Sharon also has a passion for working to help developmentally disabled adults.

Sharon’s says . . . “If strategic, long and short-term PR aren’t important parts of your current business plan, your plan is woefully incomplete!”

More About Alex

Pitching stories, helping people focus their talent and thinking, writing and organizing, computers, the internet, blogging, new media, aviation, teaching scuba, volunteerism . . . all consuming passions over the years. He’s a great guy to have around when your thinking through ‘the process’ and his sense of humor cures all ills.

Alex’s says . . . “When it comes to PR (like most other things in life) . . . those ‘lucky’ people you know are not just lucky, they’re ‘lucky by design’.  ‘Getting lucky’ is what happens when you’re prepared for those  moments when opportunities happen.”