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We are Sharon Esche and Alexander Irving, and as Esche & Alexander Public Relations, have been a Beauty PR team in the industry for … well … quite a while. 🙂 You can read more about us on our About BeautyPRpro page.

Esche & Alexander Public Relations is our agency. Over the years we’ve represented the ‘biggies’, the ‘newbies’, and both start-ups and upstarts that became the biggies. If you’d like to know more you can visit the Esche & Alexander PR website.

BeautyPRpro – The Blog

The idea for the blog spawned from the need to find a better way help industry friends improve their media coverage. Not everyone can afford to hire a full-time PR agency. BeautyPRpro is a way to get the info and guidance you need without breaking the piggy bank.

So many talented people simply aren’t communicating their newsworthiness. Great talent, great work, great people, just not doing the right stuff, at the right time to get good media pick-up.

A few samples of posts from the past:

… and much more

We hope you enjoy the blog and find it helpful to you in the process of getting more good press for you and your business. Get a free subscription to BeautyPRpro here.

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